Manufacturers & Suppliers

SHIN Group works closely with a large network of global component manufacturers and authorized distributors who meet the highest industry standards. Suppliers can significantly benefit from working with SHIN Group and enjoy its wide customer reach and industries coverage.

Key values to our suppliers

  • Exposure to partners and customers – The opportunity to engage in partnerships with global electronic manufacturers and authorized distributors and potential add new customers throughout the world.
  • Product promotion – Take advantage of SHIN Group’s vast experience in locating replacement components, promoting alternative sources for the AVL via our component engineering department and implanted employees.
  • Reduce industry dependency – Reduce the dependency on narrow market and customer base by taking advantage of SHIN Group’s coverage of a wide variety of industry segments; hence, a lower supply chain risk.
  • New technology promotion – Use SHIN Group to help to promote new semiconductor technologies in order to offer enhanced value-added performance to the end customer.

SHIN Group’s standards with suppliers

  • Manufacturers:  supply only original & exact component part numbers per the AVL
  • Distributors:  supply only the original manufacturer components with manufacturer COC
  • Shipping products with date code within 18 months from the production date
  • Have no hidden agreements or double fees
  • Continuous on-time deliveries
  • Honor manufacturer warranties and provide technical support for engineering issues

Terms & Conditions of Supplier – Download

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