Engineering Solution

In highly competitive markets, product cost is usually the key to success. While our global Sourcing Solution can significantly reduce total BOM cost, proper product cost planning starts from engineering. Hence, for engineering teams to be able to design for cost and benefit from our vast design chain experience (in component engineering, component selection and AVL management), we provide dedicated engineering solutions separately from our complete cost reduction solutions. SHIN Group can tailor its services to your needs, whether it involves working closely with your engineers or simply providing an AVL.

Our offering includes

  • BOM analysis and optimization for correctness and completeness of BOM data
  • Component database management – build and maintain including AVL
  • Alternate component selection for having multiple sources
  • RoHS and REACH compliance review and update of component data base
  • Handling of PCN documents (last time buy, obsolete, revision changes, etc.)
  • Obsolescence management
  • Value Engineering and cost reductions
  • Engineering support for optimal selection of components
  • Participation in design reviews and approval of new parts for industry and ISO standards
  • Lowering production costs by setting appropriate component packaging
  • Comprehensive collection of component data for loading into PDM systems
  • Purchasing support for AVL, single source and part number issues
  • Engineering, purchasing and manufacturing support in quality control issues
  • Technical documentation for components, products and processes
  • Customized services according to customer’s needs

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